It fits!

My skinny skirt.  It’s the skirt that fits when I’m at my skinniest.  It was staring at me from the closet.  How badly I wanted to wear it.  I was scared to put it on, fearing the very worst. I took it off the hanger and decided that it was time to overcome my fears.  I also had a back-up plan in case it didn’t work out.  The clock was ticking.  I was already running late, so I just put it on.  I was so relieved when it started to zip.  It was a good sign.  At the very top, the zipper needed some “encouragement” but it zipped up all the way to the very top!  And I could still breathe!
This made my day!  At almost 5 months post-partum it fit!  I hope this is the beginning of something good!

Until next time,