My Eyes

So, last week I decided to be fitted for contact lenses.  Of course, this was not covered by insurance, but I really wanted them and the price wasn’t too steep.  I did well the first few days and wore them each day.  Then came Tuesday, the day of my follow-up eye doctor appointment.  I woke up with my left eye glued shut, which I knew wasn’t a good sign.  My eye was bright red… I definitely had an infection.  Good thing I was goint to the eye doctor anyway. 

The doctor prescribed eye drops that I’m supposed to take 4x/day.  The bottle these drops came in is almost invisible, that’s how small it is.  Don’t let the size of the bottle fool you, though.  The price of the bottle makes up for its small size.  I had no choice- they got me.  I needed the eye drops, so I paid the price.

Now I’m wondering if this trip back to lenses was worth it.  I guess I’ll let you know once I can start wearing them again.  I don’t mind wearing my glasses, but how annoyed am I that I don’t have my prescription sunglasses with me in the car for my commute to and from work!  DS1 found them in my bag the other day and wanted to play with them.  Of course I immediately took them away and put them in a place he wouldn’t be able to find them again.  I figured I didn’t need them in my bag anymore, because I have my lenses.  Apparently I hid them so well that I can’t find them either. 

Until next time,