Time vs. Money- How I Save Both

 I just wanted to include some of the ways I try to save time and money at the same time:
  • I use my dishwasher. I barely ever use paper/plastic plates and utensils. The prices of paper goods can really add up. I also don’t have to spend all night washing dishes.
  • Amazon Subscribe and Save. The prices are great and it comes strait to my door. I don’t have to make time to schlep around. Especially good for diapers and wipes.
  • Employee discounts. For example, my company offers 23% off Verizon plans, 20 days of free daycare, store discounts. You can save money without really doing anything.
  • I cook a lot for Shabbos, since that’s the only time I seem to really cook. This way I will hopefully get 2 nights of leftovers out of it. If I make a kugel for Shabbos, I try to double it and put one in the freezer.
  • Shop during my lunch break. Doesn’t always save $, but definitely saves time. I work near Target, CVS, Shoprite and a mall, so I use my lunch break to shop for odds and ends that I need. If my kids need a bathing suit or more socks, I go during my break, so I don’t have to go at night or on Sunday. I also try to print out a store coupon before I go…
I’m always looking for more ideas, so I’ll make sure to post if I think of any more.

Until next time,

  • oops.. posted the above comment for the wrong post.

    Anyway, good for you for saving time and money! It’s much appreciated.