It’s Been Decided

July 22nd. That will be the last day of daycare. The building was sold and they have not been able to find a suitable location for the camp and without the income from camp, there can’t be a daycare. They also couldn’t secure a proper location for the daycare.

At first we were angry- why didn’t they tell us that they were having trouble securing a location?

Then we were sad- it’s such a loss for our boys. They have gained so much from the program and we’re sad that it won’t continue.

Then we were worried- what on earth do we do now? Find a non-Jewish daycare? Would we rather find someone to come to the house?

Well, what we decided was that we will sign up the boys for a non-Jewish daycare program- at least for now. The new daycare came highly recommended and a bunch of Jewish kids already attend. This will give us time to find a better solution without having to rush into anything.  We know that our kids will be well taken care of.  As with everything else- it will all work out for the best!  (ok, enough optimism… I’m still sad…)

Until next time,