Storing Items in Your Freezer

Storage items are not included in the shopping lists for each menu plan because each person has different preferences and a different amount of freezer space. Please read through the menu you are using to determine which storage method for each item works best for you.

I always like to have disposable tins (8×8, 9×13) and freezer bags (quart, gallon, 2-gallon) on hand. Suggestions of other items you may want to have can be found in the gadgets section.

When freezing, make sure each item is well wrapped and air is squeezed out. Food can be stored directly in freezer bags. Do not use cheap freezer bags. From my research, people have NOT had success when using cheap quality.

When thawing items stored in freezer bags, place them in a tin or bowl. In case there is a small hole in the bag, you won’t have a huge leak in your fridge!

What helpful products do you use to freeze your food?

Until next time,