Leftover Challah Casserole

Challah.jpgAfter almost every Shabbos we are left with those last few pieces of challah that no one wants to eat.  I used to save them and hope that someone would want it for lunch during the week, but usually they just turned stale (and sometimes moldy) and had to be thrown out.  I hate throwing out food, so I was super excited when I came across the French toast casserole recipe from Organized Jewish Home (OJH).  This site has great practical advice and I just couldn’t wait to try this out.

Basically, all you do is put these leftover pieces of challah in the freezer until you have enough for the casserole.  Then you defrost it, cut the challah pieces into cubes, add a few ingredients and you’ve got a meal.  Make sure to click on the link above for the original recipe.  I didn’t add as much sugar as indicated, but made sure to include the vanilla.  The combination of the cinnamon and vanilla made my house smell soooo good while this was in the oven.

I saw this dish on OJH’s dinner menu plan, but I decided to cut my casserole into pieces, put them in baggies and into the freezer for easy lunches.  Now my kids can have a nice French toast lunch and we don’t have to throw out any food.  It’s a win-win for all!

Until next time,