Counting Calories

I try my hardest to cook healthy dishes, but sometimes wonder if what I’m cooking is actually healthy.  Do all the added ingredients take away from the “healthiness” of the dish?

Well, now I found this calorie count website, where you enter in a recipe and it gives you the nutrition facts.  It’s so easy to use.

For example, I wanted to see if this Crockpot Sesame Chicken recipe was at all healthy.  Since it has sugar in it, I never made it.  So, I put it in the calorie counter.

It gave each ingredient a grade, gave the good points and bad points and gave the recipe an overall nurtrition grade.

click to enlarge

This recipe got a C-, which in my book, it not all that healthy.  Don’t think I’ll be making this recipe anytime soon, even though it looks really good.

How do you evaluate whether or not a recipe is healthy enough to cook?

Until next time,