March 2012 KosherOAMC Menu Plan

With Purim almost here, that means Pesach is on its way! With all your Pesach prep you don’t want to get bogged down with having to cook for Shabbos too. What better time is there to start Kosher Once a Month Cooking?

The menu this month isn’t the healthiest one I’ve prepared (warning: it does have margarine), but it’s one that tastes really good.

On the menu is:


Main Dishes:
Side Dishes:

The entire menu plan can be seen here. It includes a complete shopping list, recipes, cooking time tracker, detailed instructions for your cooking day, and a freezer inventory. Link to labels is here.

I’m always looking for new recipes to include in my KosherOAMC plans. Please contact me with any tried and true recipes you have that are easy to make and freeze well. Happy cooking!

Until next time,