Binah Serial- "Happy Endings"

Recently Binah magazine abruptly stopped publishing a serial called “Happy Endings” by Rena Kohn.  One of the story lines was about a woman named Liba, a work at home mom with a bunch of young children.  Liba was having trouble raising her children and when things got tough, Liba would yell at her children or even hide in her room.  She eventually sought out the help of a therapist to help her cope and deal with her underlying issues. 

Why I Liked It

I loved this story!  I liked reading about a working mom with young kids, just like me!  I felt like I could really identify with Liba’s struggles and I wanted to see what changes she would make in her life to start loving her role as a Jewish mother. 

Why People Didn’t Like It

In the front of every issue are Letters to the Editor.  Most of them loved the new serial and identified with Liba.  Others did not like it at all.  They felt that everyone should love being a Jewish mother and recognize that that is the ultimate goal in life.  If a young girl would read the story she might be discouraged from having children.

My Thoughts

Binah- read an entire serial before you start printing it.  No one likes to start reading a good story with a sloppy ending. 

Bottom Line

Although I still sit on my couch every Friday night wondering what’s happening with Liba, I still like Binah and will continue reading it.  They have some really good features and I like the overall content.  For me it’s worth the price and makes my Shabbos much more relaxed.

If you’re a Binah reader, I’d love to know what you think!

Until next time,