Post Mother’s Day Thoughts

I’m so behind the times. Mother’s day came and went. Happy post-Mother’s Day to all of you! We had a nice day filled with gifts, flowers and a homemade breakfast. Then we were off to a family BBQ. I totally forgot about all that until a few minutes ago when I was at someone else’s desk. She had a little sign that said:

I always hope that my kids know how much I truly love them. We don’t spend all that much time together, but when we do, I make sure to hug and kiss them all the time… unless they aren’t being “good listeners.” Then things are just super tense. But eventually all that passes and we are back to cuddling.

I remember when I first sent DS1 to daycare. I was a bit relieved to send him since I had no idea what I was doing at home. The daycare workers were with babies all the time, so they’d know how to handle things! Our daycare proved to be truly wonderful (even though it has since shut down), but my next worry was that DS1 wouldn’t know I was his mommy. Why would he? He spend more time at daycare than he spent at home!

When he was about 9 months old, an amazing thing started happening. He started to recognize me as his mother. He would look upset when I left and look happy when I came back. I couldn’t believe it. Everyone was right- a baby always knows his/her mother. There’s a special attachment that kids have to their parents and vice versa.

I hope that when my kids see me they feel loved. Loved by me for who they are. I hope it lasts and that they can feel it forever- even when they’re teenagers 😉

Until next time,