Trying Not to Hate the Transition into Summer

I really hate this time of year.  School is winding down and everyone is getting ready for summer.  Everyone except for us.

The question that I find the most annoying is, “what are you guys doing for the summer?”  Usually asked by really happy, excited people, it’s hard to answer them seriously without being sarcastic.  Ummmm… let’s see… We have full-time jobs.  We have the same schedule all-year-round: we work and the kids go to daycare.  For us, the only things that change for the summer are the weather and the clothes we wear.  So to answer your question, “We’ll be working for the summer,” followed by the super sarcastic smile and, “Yay!”

Why do people ask me what we’re doing for the summer?  Do they think I can just take off for two months?  I always thought it was a weird question.  Not everyone with a job works in a school.  Surely they must know that.  Right?

Maybe it’s over-sensitivity, maybe it’s jelousy… but whatever it is, I hate that question.  I work in an office building.  I never know what the weather is like outside and unless I have to go somewhere, I really don’t care.  In the winter there’s heat and in the summer there’s AC.  It runs automatically and I never have to worry about it.  Controlled climate all year long.

I know that this is the last year of this all-year-round schedule.  DS1 will be starting school, which means that we will have to make summer plans for next year.  But until then- if you see me, don’t ask me what we’re doing for the summer.

Until next time,