Why We Chose Daycare

All new parents have to decide what’s best for them and their children regarding childcare.  Over three years ago, before DS1 was born, we started thinking about it and ultimately made the decision to send to daycare.

Here are the main reasons we chose daycare:

  • Supervised environment
  • Licensed
  • CPR certified staff
  • Social benefits, group activities
  • Cost
  • Reliable (daycare doesn’t call in sick)

A supervised environment was really important to me.  I had visions of a babysitter in my home sitting on the couch, yapping on her phone all day and neglecting my baby.  I didn’t want that!

As DS1 got older, I recognized more benefits to daycare.  He was always with friends and there were always tons of activities to do.  Singing, reading books, playing in the playground, coloring, painting, etc… this is way more than he would’ve done at home!  At his old daycare they even used to take him swimming- something I never had time to do with him.

No daycare is perfect, but since ours has everything on my list, I can’t complain.  My kids love going there everyday and it makes me feel better knowing that they are in a safe environment.

Until next time,