Last Week of Summer

I feel like this is really the first time we are on a school schedule and DS1 hasn’t even started yet! Both boys have off this week and there was a lot of coordination that went on to make sure they were well taken care of (and that I didn’t have to take off the entire week). In a perfect world, DH and I would’ve split the time at home, but of course, this is the week DH had a work-related conference to go to, which basically left me on my own with the kids.
Even though we are huge fans of daycare, I am starting to realize why having an in-home nanny is what many people choose. Perhaps something to consider for the future, but for now, we just have to plan, plan, plan. And also ask our loved ones for lots and lots of favors.

I’m not really sure how other working parents cope with school schedules, because right now it just seems like it’s going to be an up-hill battle. I won’t be able to use my vacation days as I please and I might even have to work on Chol Hamoed, which I haven’t had to do in recent years.

For now I’m still trying to get used to being off of work with the rest of the world- when everywhere you go is super crowded. Good thing that the only place I had to go this week was to buy the kids new shoes. That was a must and I’m glad to say that we already got that one out of the way.

The rest of the week will just be doctor’s appointments and outdoor fun. Wow, I’m totally turning into a school mom- I even have the week-before-school doctor’s appointment to prove it!

Until next time,