Changes Are Hard

Yesterday I took DS1 for his pre-school orientation and although he was excited to go, you would’ve never known it while we were there. He didn’t talk, didn’t smile, didn’t play and did not leave my side. I was a little bit surprised at his attitude. I assumed that he would’ve been his happy-go-lucky self and focus on the awesome new toys and books.

When I got home and described his behavior, everyone (DH and my mom) pointed out that these are classic behaviors of someone who does not like change. DS1 not liking change? Where’d he get that from? Then it dawned on me… DS1 and I are two peas in a pod. We just react to change differently… mostly because I’m and adult and he’s only three.

Just to back-track a bit- when we were sitting at the orientation I also felt extremely overwhelmed but didn’t really know why. I felt shy and although I wanted to be there for DS1, I really wanted to just go home. Then, after this whole revelation about DS1 not liking change, I noticed that sending him to a real school was a huge change for me too! This new school comes with a new schedule, new teachers to deal with, new rules to follow and a whole bunch of new people to get to know. New, new, new= super overwhelming= not liking change.

Like I said, we are two peas in a pod. Being an adult, I just dealt with change differently. I pushed myself out of my comfort zone, while DS just cried. Change is so hard for some of us, but without it, we’d never grow into the people we are meant to be. And so, even though DS1 was crying when I left him at his new school this morning, I couldn’t stay there with him (even though I really wanted to). I know he was upset, but also know that eventually he’ll get used to everything and be back to his old school-loving self. I just hope with time that I can also become just as comfortable as he is with all the change.

Until next time,