The Proud Owner of a Smartphone

I know that I’ve written about how great keeping organized with pen and paper is and that I can do without a smart phone, but I finally caved. Call it a moment of weakness where I just wanted one because everyone else had one. I knew that I could live without one, but in the end, my wants got the better of me.

I spent a lot of time researching each phone, went to visit the phone store multiple times for my “research,” asked around at work and finally decided which one I wanted. I got a decent price (meaning, better than what was listed, but still expensive) and now I’m the proud owner of a smart phone.

First impressions– this phone really is smart. There’s so much it can do that I don’t even know what I should have it do for me. I already downloaded some useful apps (and of course some time-wasting ones as well) and have all my email, contacts, calendars and task lists synced. Next step is to put some music on the thing.

In just a few short weeks, here are the time-saving things I’m already using my phone for:

  1. Synced calendars. I’ve been syncing calendars with everyone!
    • Afternoon babysitter. I no longer have to text her every morning. We share a Google calendar and I enter in what’s for dinner, when bath night is and when each child doesn’t have school.
    • DH. He can now see when family appointments are without having to ask me.
    • DS1’s school.  They have an online calendar so I don’t have to input all the days off, early dismissals, and school events… you just subscribe to the calendar and it automatically gets updated.
    • Shabbos candle lighting times. I’ve used at work with Outlook, but having candle lighting times, the weekly Parsha, Jewish holidays at my fingertips is awesome. Especially when making appointments.
  2. Shopping Lists. GroceryIQ is my new favorite. I have one central shopping list that includes sub-lists for each store I go to and even a general list for the things I need so badly, it doesn’t matter where I buy it. It also links up to, although I have only taken advantage of that once so far… first I have to learn how to sync my phone with my printer… Until then, I can just put together a shopping list and email it straight to DH!
  3. Task List.  Also synced with my Google account, it helps me keep track of the things that need to get done.
  4. Fast communication.  Because I’m so excited to have a new gadget, I’ve been texting like mad. I also respond to quick emails faster, which makes me feel like I’m working efficiently, not just wasting time on my phone.

There is still a boat load of stuff I want to learn how to do on my phone, but until then, I already feel more organized and on top of what’s going on.  I completely understand why everyone’s getting one.

How do you make your phone work for you? Any apps you recommend?

Until next time,