Find More Time in Your Day

As working moms we know how hard it is to get things done.  There’s just never enough time in the day for everything, so when I came across this article on four ways to find more time in your day, I was interested in seeing whether or not I could implement these ideas into my daily/weekly routine.

Here are the four ways mentioned in the article with my commentary:

  1. Have a Plan– I try my best at this one and agree that if everything is planned out well, I have more time in my day. I have an ongoing shopping list, plan my weekly Shabbos menus in advance, and have a weekly routine that we mostly follow.
  2. Simplify and Say “No”– I think I’m a little too good at this one. I try my best at KOAMC, use household shortcuts and barely ever over-extend myself.
  3. Get Up Early– No can do. I’m just not a morning person. I don’t even want to try this one.
  4. Do the Hardest Things First– I don’t know about this one.  I think it depends on the order of priority more than the effort that goes into something.  Sometimes I like to get a bunch of the small stuff out of the way before I start with something big.


What do you think?  Any other ways you find more time in your day?

Until next time,