Freezer Cooking for Chanuka

Almost everyone I know attends some sort of Chanuka party.  I’ve never thrown my own party, but figured with a little advance freezer cooking, it might not be so hard.

Here are some links to recipes I found for traditional Chanuka foods that freeze well.  Of course, some things are best straight out of the oven/fryer, but with limited prep time we can’t have everything!

  • Potato Latkes– a bunch of variations and even freezing/re-heating instructions!
  • Applesauce
  • Jelly donuts
  • Chanuka cookies– all cookie recipes freeze well, so use your favorite (or the one linked) and cut out your cookies using Chanuka shaped cookie cutters.  Decorate cookies with frosting or even with Chanuka shaped sprinkles.
  • Muffins/Cupcakes– Use your favorite recipe (or the one linked), but buy Chanuka themed cupcake holders for a more festive feel.

These recipes won’t fill up your entire menu, but are a great start for preparing early!

Until next time,