Shopping With Kids

I usually try to avoid shopping with both my kids.  Taking one along is somewhat manageable, but taking both can be a nightmare.  I knew this and still decided to take both kids shopping with me yesterday.  I wanted to go and wanted to spend time with them, so this was like hitting two birds with one stone. 

Overall our trip was really great.  I think this was mostly due to the fact that my expectations were set super low.  My kids are young and I didn’t expect them to stay in one spot the entire time.  I didn’t expect to do all the window shopping I wanted to and I didn’t even expect to buy all the things I had set out to buy.

One thing I did notice was that when the kids were really well behaved all I wanted to do was buy them stuff.  I want them to be happy and I know that presents make people happy, so we left our trip with a few unexpected items (i.e. cookies, a new CD). 

It wasn’t the most exciting day or the most productive one, but it turned out to be somewhat educational.  We talked about the products we saw in the supermarket, discussed why we had to take the elevators and couldn’t take the stairs with a stroller, and why we had to pay before we left the store.

Lesson for the future:  Set your expectations appropriately and you’ll have a great time!

Until next time,