End of School Year 2013

Wow, this week completely flew by.  DS1 ended school on Tuesday and since camp doesn’t start until Monday, he had a few days off.  I still can’t believe we made it though our first year of school.  Remember last year when I was freaking out about it?

School had a lot of days off, but we managed.  We took one week at a time to figure out our childcare arrangements.  We used vacation/personal days when we had to, worked from home or made alternate arrangements (Bubby).  The fact that I had off for my 12-week maternity leave definitely helped!

The next time off is the few weeks between camp and school at the end of the summer.  I haven’t looked at the calendar yet, because I’m scared to.  It looks like we’ll have a few weeks to worry about, since the week DS1 starts school, DS2 and DS3 have off.  Everyone will have vacation, but none of it overlaps… Right now, I’m taking a few weeks off from planning.

I have the whole summer to look at the calendar, right?

Until next time,