Meeting Management

Blogging around here has been kinda slow, which is probably a good thing.  I’ve been really busy at work lately and have been participating in more leadership training programs that are offered.  I really believe that it’s so important to take advantage of these opportunities.  Most of the programs offered are during work time, which makes it a whole lot easier for me to attend, but recently there was one towards the end of the day.  DH came to the rescue and offered to pick up DS3 from daycare so I can participate.

This latest program was on the topic of “meeting management”- how to plan and run a successful meeting.  One topic that came up was how to deal with unexpected events and/or difficult participants at meetings you lead.  Everyone had great suggestions of different practical tactics to use.  I learned a lot; everyone really contributed some great ideas.

On my way home, as I was going over all the suggestions people made, I started laughing.  I realized that the way my colleagues deal with difficult people and unexpected situations is the same way I deal with my kids!  Although I wouldn’t consider my kids “difficult people,” they can be (sometimes) hard to handle- they yell, interrupt, and can be so insistent on what they want.  As a mom I’m always dealing with the unexpected (ex: sick babysitter/child, no more milk in the fridge, etc…) so, why is my life outside of work easier for me to deal with?

Maybe because in my house I am the boss?  At the end of the day I’ll love my kids no matter what they do?  I guess in the end home and work are different and I play different roles in each of them, but now I realize, I can translate what I do in one place and apply it to another. 

Until next time,