Quick Takes- July 17, 2013


– 1 –

So, I decided to do my quick take posts randomly.  Every week is too much and I don’t have enough to say.  I also like posting my Shabbos menu on Friday where I sometimes summarize what happened during the week.  Having the quick takes and Shabbos menu on the same day seems like over-kill.  We’ll see how it goes.

– 2 –

Tisha B’Av came and went.  It was a very long day.  We survived.

– 3 –

Since my kids LOVE broccoli kugel I made them these little mini “kugels” for dinner one night. Too many breadcrumbs in my opinion, but I would definitely try them again.

– 4 –

Here’s a great article for all you busy moms out there: 23 Exceedingly Helpful Tips For Maintaining Your Sanity While Living With Children

– 5 –

I’m in the middle of doing tons of laundry. How many loads are you doing now that the 9 Days are over??

Until next time,