Shabbos Menu Plan: P’ Chayei Sarah (Oct 25-26)

Shabbos Menu Plan

Another week has flown by.  DS3 has been teething like crazy and has had some unfortunate side-effects.  He barely went to  daycare this week, leaving DH and I to split up the time at home with him.

Now that Shabbos is starting earlier I’ve had to really plan when I do all my cooking!  The roast chicken for tonight was prepped and ready to go into the oven last night and the zucchini kugel was made Wednesday night, thanks for an awesome sale on zucchini (I also made 3 for the freezer!).

Here’s our Shabbos menu this week:

Friday Night:

Shabbos Lunch:

I’ve opted not to have soup… figured I’d save my lentil soup for next week!

What are your plans this Shabbos?  Have you tried any new recipes lately?

Until next time,