Freezer Inventory- Free Printable!

I always hated opening and re-opening my deep freezer every time I wanted to see what I had in it.  So, I made an easy to maintain freezer inventory.

Freezer Inventory

 It’s so easy to make yourself… you probably even have most of the supplies already somewhere in your home.  Print your free freezer inventory print-out here!freezer inventory supplies

Here are the simple steps to assemble:

  1. Print out free print-out
  2. Insert into clear sheet protector
  3. Clip onto magnet clip and then onto freezer

Once everything is put together and hanging on your freezer it’s easy to update.  Just write directly on the sheet protector.  When you take an item out of the freezer, just correct the quantity.  If there’s no more, then just erase the item completely.

Freezer Inventory Printable

Print your free copy here!

I’ve been using this system for a few months already and it works really well!

Do you keep track of what’s in your freezer?  What’s your system?

Until next time,