I Miss My Son’s Pacifier


Had I known how hard it would be to wean a child off of a pacifier I’m not sure I ever would’ve started.  Let’s just say that after 3 nights of “sleep training” my almost 3 year old, I understand why it’s called a pacifier.

Our bedtime routines have gone from somewhat calm and routine to a lot of crying and screaming for the paci.  I’ve never used bribery as much as I have these past few days because without it, all the other kids would also stay awake for hours on end.  So every morning we start off with a nice helping of two very special jelly beans.  Not the best, but it’s been working.

So, at what point will DS2 be officially off the pacifier?  I don’t really know.  I’m *hoping* that after a few days he’ll stop asking for it every 2.5 seconds.  Then after a few more days he’ll let his brothers fall asleep before he starts his tantrum.  Then finally, after a few more days, he will just go to sleep normally like everyone else.  Am I dreaming?

What tactics have you tried using to wean your kids off the bottle, pacifier, blankie, etc…?  Anything that worked without fail?

Until next time,