Quick Takes- November 7, 2013 (DS2’s Upsherin)


I know I haven’t done this in a while!  This Sunday will be DS2’s upsherin!  I cannot believe that he is already 3 and on Sunday we will be chopping off those beautiful blonde curls.  I’m so curious what he’ll look like with a “big boy” haircut.


For the special occasion, DH’s family will be coming to town.  Since they’ll be with us for Shabbos, DH is planning the entire menu.  Thus the reason for my Friday post in this format.  I don’t know all the goodies that are planned, so I decided not to post our Shabbos menu.  All I know is that we’re having some chicken soup, turkey, cranberry sauce, cholent and some other yumminess.  Traditional and special at the same time and far more elaborate than the menus I plan!


So, you must be curious what we’ve planned for DS2’s big party.  We are planning a bumblebee theme (his favorite animal).  I see a lot of yellow and black in my future.  A special shout-out to Pinterest for giving me all the bumblebee ideas (plus more!) I could’ve asked for.  We’ve also incorporated his favorite foods into the menu.  DS2 has a lively personality so it’s exciting to have his favorite things be part his special birthday.


I made the invitation myself.  Even though I emailed it out, I still wanted it to look nice and fit with the theme.

DoviInvitationBlogWhat do you think?


hi-there2I’ve slowly been working on updating features on this blog.  I want it to be better than ever before, so first things first.  I’ve updated my About Me page.  Take a look!

I also updated my Contact Me page.  In case you need me, now you know how to reach me!

And with that, I wish you all a good {short} Shabbos!

Until next time,