Bad Mommy Moment: Early Dismissal

badMommyI am proud to be able to send DS1 to yeshiva, but there are still some things I will never understand.  One of those things is seemingly random early dismissal.  You know where this post is going now, don’t you?

Yup, you guessed it.  At 12:40pm this past Friday I got a call asking me if someone was coming to get DS1.  The teacher on the phone said there was early dismissal that day, but I was so confused.  Why?  Why was there early dismissal?

So, instead of being clueless, I asked, “oh, I forgot.  What’s the reason for early dismissal?” to which she replied that of course there was early dismissal, it was Asarah B’Teves!

Now, I’m not a meanie, really I’m not.  I agree that there should be early dismissal on certain days.  But not on all days.  Especially not on Fridays when there already is early dismissal.

Luckily I was working from home, hopped in the car and picked up my son from school.  I didn’t want him to be sitting there alone, thinking that I forgot about him.  When I arrived at school I was glad to see that there were about 10-15 other kids waiting with him.  Two of them were even in his class.  I know the mom of one of those kids.  She doesn’t work on Fridays and she is a model parent.  If she can forget about early dismissal, then it’s ok that I did.

Until next time,