Quick Takes- January 10, 2014



So, this week I started my 12 Months to a Healthier You challenge. The week started out strong, but didn’t end on a high note. I’m finding it really hard to go on the elliptical so late and night. DS2 hasn’t been going to bed until after 8:15pm. After he’s finally asleep I eat dinner, make lunches and by the time I’m done I’m ready for bed.  I’m not giving up yet… this will just have to be something I work on.


My office is relocating again. My commute time (and cost) will double, so I’m not happy about that. On the upside, I will be walking more, helping me with my 12 Months to a Healthier You challenge!


I haven’t given much thought to my new commute mostly because a week later I will be on vacation for Yeshiva winter break with DS1… I’ll just figure it out then.


My two older boys will G-d willing spend Shabbos with my parents. With only DS3 home, all I can think about is sleeping late and taking an afternoon nap. Since it’ll only be me and DH, I didn’t plan much of a menu. There won’t be much time for eating because of all the sleeping I plan on doing.


I’ve been using my phone as my camera and all of a sudden every picture I took was blurry.  I thought it was because my hand is a little shaky.  After a quick Google search it seems like it was just a setting that needed to be turned on.  So, expect some blurry pictures here on the blog.  One day I would love to work on my photography skills, but not today.  Glad I figured that one out!

Anything exciting going on in your life?  What was the last issue Google was able to solve for you?

Until next time,