Uncle Moishy’s On My Mind


A few weeks ago I brought my kids to an Uncle Moishy concert.  On the way out, I stopped by the table where they sell CDs to buy one.  After all, it was only $12.

The first 3 times we listened to the CD I really wasn’t sure if I’d ever be able to listen to it again.  But then, something clicked and it became somewhat bearable.  I even started singing along with some of the songs.

I didn’t have an issue with any of this until one day, shortly after I arrived at work, I was walking down my row of cubicles.  I was in a good mood and started humming to myself (it’s not weird, everyone, including you, does this too).  I  didn’t think twice about it until I noticed that my song was getting faster and faster, like I couldn’t keep up with it.  What song was I singing?  I couldn’t place the tune.  Until it hit me.  I was humming along to Uncle Moishy’s “Give a Jump” song (Vol. 17, track 4).  At the end of the song, the chorus gets faster and faster- it’s really hard to keep up with it.

Listen to the song here (just press play).  You only have to listen for a few seconds and you’ll see exactly what I mean.

See how catchy it is?

Until next time,