Shabbos- Day of Rest?


This past Shabbos we went spent the afternoon at the park and it was AMAZING!  With 3 active boys, staying inside all winter has been quite the challenge.  I honestly don’t really know how we survived.

Shabbos pre-kids was truly my day of rest.  I used to sleep though the night, wake up late, and take an afternoon nap.  By the time I returned to work on Monday I was really well rested.

Fast-forward to life with kids and all sleep has gone out the window.  I cannot remember the last time I slept through the night, cannot sleep late with kids who are wide awake by 6:30-7am and a nap?  What’s that?

Shabbos has actually gone from being my day of abundant rest to the day I work the hardest.  With all the kids with me the entire time (and no technology distractions allowed- aka DVDs), I spend the entire day keeping my kids busy, which means that I am busy along with them.

At first this change in my Shabbos schedule was really really hard to adjust to.  I mean really hard.  Now that it’s 4+ years later, I can say that I am still working really hard to appreciate every Shabbos and look at it as an opportunity to spend time with my family no matter how tired I am.

What can I say?  I’m not perfect.  I love my kids to death, but I still miss my Shabbos nap!

Until next time,