My Month In Review: January 2015

month_in_reviewWelcome to my new series!  Last year I participated in the 12 Months to a Healthier You Challenge and it was great.  This year however I decided to focus on three specific areas:  personal growth, healthy living, and meaningful spending.

Every month I hope to post my accomplishments/disappointments/goals in each category.  By sharing all my goals with you I’m hoping you’ll hold me accountable, so I’ll be able to honestly focus on them.

So, here goes my first month…
personal_growthThis month I attended a free webinar on “Own Your Life.”  While I hope to share everything I learned in a future post, I’m glad I took out an hour of my time to do this. I don’t usually spend an hour listening to other people talk, but I was able to focus on this while I was folding laundry.  It was encouraging to see how many others joined and really want to focus on living a more fulfilling life.

healthy_livingNo muffins this month!  Well, it’s not like I only ate healthy things this month, but I haven’t bought one chocolate chip muffin this month!  Score!  It wasn’t easy, but the fact that I’ve been bringing lunches from home, definitely made it easier to avoid the temptation.  It also forced me to bring healthier snacks to work.
meaningful_spendingSpeaking of bringing lunches from home, remember how I told you about how I bought myself a lunch crock-pot warmer for Chanuka?  Well, I’ve been using it and it is awesome.  I’ve had a hot lunch almost every day without breaking the bank.  Stay tuned for my post on what I’ve been eating.  Taking lunch from home isn’t free, but it’s definitely less expensive than buying it!  For the price of a cup of soup I can make an entire pot of soup.

How was your month? 

Until next time,