I Made it Through Purim Week!

Wow, I’m so happy I made it through last week! Snow, fast day, Purim festivities and more snow made my work week so stressful in terms of getting everything done and making childcare arrangements.

Monday was a late start due to snow, Tuesday was DS’s Purim play (I couldn’t be the only mom who didn’t go!), Wednesday was half a day for Tanis Esther? Erev Purim? Whatever the reason, another half day… Thursday no school for Purim and Friday a late start and regular Friday (early) dismissal.

Childcare was planned carefully. My boss was made aware of the situation. Purim preparations were already done. But there were a lot of late work nights involved! It’s not how I wanted to spend my evenings, but what choice did I have?

Lately I’ve been making up work time at night and I’ve been wondering if this is a smart thing to do. I need to do it occasionally, but when I do it feels like I’m working a 24/7 type of job. There are some nights when I have no time to myself and although I can handle it for a night here and there I realize it cannot become a habit.

On the other hand though, what choice do I really have? I’m being paid to get stuff done so if I can’t do it during regular work hours because of my personal situation then shouldn’t I be expected to do it on my own time? I know I always have an option to use personal/vacation days, but I have to save those for all the days I know in advance that there is no school.

This work-life balancing act is a tough one!  There are no right answers to any of this.  I’m just taking it one week at a time!  Now on to Pesach…

How do you deal with a one day holiday turning into four?

Until next time,