My Month in Review: March 2015

We’re almost done with March! I hope that with the end of March comes the end of snow for the season. We are tired of being inside, tired of shoveling and tired of hanging up our coats and searching for matching gloves.
personal_growthThis month I’ve tried to be more social. I arranged 2 play dates for my kids and got to know some really nice moms in the process. Socializing doesn’t come easily to me (the super introvert) so I’m glad I was able to accomplish this. I hope that the nicer weather brings even more socializing.

healthy_livingSo last month I mentioned that I got one of those electronic tracker things (I have the JAWBONE Up Move Activity Tracker – affiliate link). This month I actually opened it and put in the battery. I even remember to wear it on most days. My goal for next month is to try to figure out how to use the app that it syncs with. I also think there’s a way it can tell you the time on it, so we’ll see if I can get to that too. One step at a time… literally.

Now that Pesach is coming one of my April goals will be to try to have self control when it comes to all the food. I know it will be hard, so I’ll make sure to celebrate each victory no matter how big or small. Not everyone will notice the small ones (or think that they are big enough) but I will. And I’ll be proud of myself for it.
meaningful_spendingI feel like one of our big expenses this winter has been snow removal. While we can do this ourselves and eventually hope that our boys will do it, we decided to pay for this. As two working parents, the thought of spending hours outside shoveling was daunting. Add that to the fact that we were both working from home on most snow days, we really didn’t have time for both work and shoveling. Believe it or not, work won and we paid someone else to shovel. It was worth every penny!

I will be taking a blogging break until after Pesach, so I wanted to take this opportunity to wish you all a chag kasher v’sameach!

How was your month? How have your Pesach preparations been going?

Until next time,