Blogging on Shavuos

In all my pre-yom tov planning I shopped, cooked, did laundry, put away laundry, made sure my kids had activities to keep them occupied, worked and even pre-scheduled a post. I knew that Shavuos would end late and I wouldn’t get back to blogging until a few days after the weekend. Yay for planning, but nay for planning poorly.

If you were wondering, I was not online on May 25… I live in America and celebrate two days of Shavuos. The post that went up was accidentally pre-scheduled for Yom tov! (I have since updated the post date. I just had to!) I usually make sure not to do things like that, but I guess even with all my planning, they do happen.

So, bear with me as I continue to post about being a frum working mom. I’m far from perfect, but still frum!

How was your Shavuos? How was your return to work?

Until next time,