Kid Snacks Work for Me

Now that I’ve been good about bringing lunch from home, I’m also bringing snacks too.

When I first started I took a look in the pantry at what we had and immediately closed it. Nope, none of those snacks were good enough for me. They just wouldn’t do.

Since I have a slight issue with self control when it comes to food, I try my best not to keep the snacks I like at home. If they were in our house, they definitely wouldn’t last long… and I would’ve been the only one eating it.

So, what do I bring for snack?

I decided that if a snack is good enough for my kids then it had to be good enough for me. So now I bring crackers, fruit cups, apples, pudding and bananas for snack.

healthy_snackIt keeps the hunger pains at bay and it definitely a healthier option than if I’d buy something from the snack machine.

Of course I miss my chocolate chip muffins, but I’m probably better off with a 90 calorie granola bar. Right?

Until next time,