Missing Firsts – The First Day of Camp

On the first day of camp I did not bring my kids to camp. Am I a horrible mother?

I’d like to think so but I won’t let myself.

go away mom guilt(1)

The week and a half between school and camp took a lot of planning, arranging and rearranging. I just couldn’t do it for another week. I ran out of energy and didn’t want to ask for more favors.

So, when the first day of camp came, we had our wonderful babysitter bring everyone to camp. The kids survived getting to camp without me and I brought them to camp on the third day.

I always wonder what other people think when I don’t do “firsts” with my kids. Other moms make such a big deal about it. They post endless pictures on Facebook to let everyone know what a great mom they are.

Do they think I’m lazy because I didn’t rearrange my schedule? Do they think I don’t care about milestones in my kids lives? Do they think I’m choosing work over my family?

Just because I wonder what others think doesn’t mean I’m going to change what I do. I’m busy and doing the best I can. I know what my priorities are and I make sure to be there when my kids really need me.

After the first day of camp I let my kids stay up late. They each told me about their first day of camp in depth. I may not have physically been there, but I was there in spirit!

Until next time,