How to Beat the Heat When You Commute

Commuting in the summer is the worst! It’s hot everywhere! When you’re lucky the train/bus comes right away and is nicely air conditioned. When you aren’t lucky you will he sitting in a puddle of sweat. Trust me, I know from experience.

When I get home after a hot commute, I cannot cool down fast enough. If I’m too hot I get irritable and impatient, so I’ve found two things that can cool me down enough to become a normal person again.

Taking a quick shower


Eating an ice pop


These two things work wonders. It’s totally worth the 10 minutes I take for myself to cool down. I’d rather be the calm, cool (literally ) and collect mom instead of the crazy one. Know what I mean?

When it’s this hot outside, the snow seems very attractive.  I might be ready for summer to be over, because this heat is probably too much for me to handle.

How do you deal with the uncomfortable summer commute?

Until next time,