Tips for Packing so You Don’t Forget a Thing

tips for packing2

One of the most exhausting things about going away is packing.  By the time you’re on your way to your destination you deserve the vacation time off!

As a family we haven’t gone on many vacations, but we have gone away for almost every Yom Tov. Since I know that some of you may be going on vacation soon, I thought I’d share some tips that work for us. Wherever your destination, packing right is key to a calmer vacation/holiday.

Prepare to Pack

Before I know we’re going away my mind always races.  I start thinking about all the things I’m going to need and while I’m coming up with ideas I pray I won’t forget them.  This used to drive me crazy.  I’d spend so much time trying not to forget things, that I would not be able to relax before our trip.

Enter the packing list. It’s a must have.

Actually, to clarify, I always use two lists.  The first list is a running list on my phone for the extras.  Whenever something I think I’m going to need pops into my mind I add it to a list on my phone.  This relieves the stress of having to remember to pack something.

The second list I use is my ultimate packing list.  I compiled mine quite a few years ago, but I still print it out before every trip and check things off as they are placed in the suitcase.  After I pack the items on this list I reference my phone list and make sure everything I need is in my bag.

A day or two before we’re scheduled to pack I make sure that all laundry is washed and put away.  I don’t want to have to be searching high and low for the one items I need when I’m supposed to be packing!

How to Pack

When I pack I try to be as organized as possible.  If I can find things easily in my suitcase it makes it easier to unpack.  It also makes it easier to shuffle through my suitcase as we’re getting in the car and I need to take something out.

Everyone has their own ways of organizing, but something I like to do is to pack like items together.  Pajamas in one pile, day #1 clothes in another, etc… It helps me make sure that everyone has exactly what they need and that I’m not missing pajamas for one family member.

I also use lingerie bags for smaller items (baby socks, kids underwear, etc…).  This way the small stuff doesn’t get lost.

One last space-saving way to pack is to roll and not fold. I usually don’t do this, because I’m not looking to save space, but I’ve done this before in my son’s clothing drawer and it definitely saves space.

Helpful Items to Pack

I’ve noticed that there is one item I make sure to take along with me on every overnight trip.  My mesh laundry bag was the best $1.99 I’ve spent.  It’s just a simple, inexpensive laundry bag that barely takes up room, but helps me be organized while I’m not at home.  Keeping all the dirty stuff in one place makes it easier to keep our accommodations neat, wash our laundry and take it home.

Before You Leave

The #1 tip I can offer for before you leave is to check over your packing list!  After all the time I spend planning before I pack, it would be a shame to forget something that I made sure to include on one of my lists.

There is no right way to pack, but hopefully with a little planning you will be able to pack quickly and efficiently without forgetting a thing!

Until next time,