Shabbos in One Hour: What to do when you don’t want to cook


Even though Shabbos doesn’t start until late, doesn’t mean I’m not rushing until the last minute.  I sometimes find it harder to prepare for Shabbos in the summer, because I work later on Fridays and have to feed my kids dinner earlier- which means preparing an additional meal.

The Menu

With all the hustle and bustle I’m still trying to prepare all of our Shabbos food within an hour.  This past week we had a great menu, no one went hungry and because I supplemented with store-bought food, it definitely took less than an hour to prepare!

Friday Night:

  • Stuffed cabbage (store-bought)
  • Potato kugel (store-bought)
  • Roasted cauliflower

Shabbos Lunch:

The Shopping List

  • stuffed cabbage
  • potato kugel
  • cauliflower
  • gefilte fish
  • chicken
  • rice
  • sweet potatoes

The Plan

  1. Cook gefilte fish
  2. Cook chicken and rice
  3. Cook cauliflower
  4. Cook sweet potatoes

And it really was as simple as that.  I cooked extra chicken and rice, so my kids could eat that Friday night.  Bought a watermelon for dessert and called it a day!

Wishing you all a great, simple Shabbos!

Until next time,