Walmart Haul – Convenient Service for Working Moms!

I was never a huge fan of online grocery shopping until my sister told me about This is not a sponsored post, but rather me just sharing with you something that’s made things easier for me as a busy person.

When my sister told me she orders things from Walmart I just couldn’t imaging what she was ordering. They didn’t need clothes, furniture, socks or pens (all things I’ve previously ordered from Walmart), so why on earth was she shopping there so often?

Then she told me what she buys. Then she told me the prices and I was blown away.

Why I Started

I usually went to Shoprite once a month to buy our staples and non-perishables. I found they had the best prices in our area. The store was local, easy to navigate and had late night hours.

It was working for me, until this summer. We’ve been taking family trips each Sunday, which is awesome, but definitely cuts into my weekly prep time. I found us running low on many of our staples (snacks, cereal, sandwich bags, napkins, etc…) and I just couldn’t find the time to stock up. It was so frustrating knowing that we didn’t have what we needed for the week.

So, when I was complaining to my sister, she told me to order from Walmart. They have free 2-day shipping for orders over $35 (which isn’t that hard to meet) and most of the food has a hechsher. They also have amazing prices. And you don’t have to leave your house.

My husband didn’t love the idea (Walmart isn’t his thing), but I told him we are trying it. As I placed items into my cart I did a price compare with Shoprite and most of the prices were indeed better.

What I Bought

And now for my first grocery haul! Here’s what I ordered my first time around:

My first order was so successful, that I placed a second order shortly after:

My thoughts:


  • The ordering process was super easy!
  • Free 2-day shipping
  • Great prices
  • They have almost everything!


  • My orders came in many small packages at different times. I know many stores do this, but for whatever reason, this bothers me. I would prefer to get one big box with everything. It’s easier for me to make sure I got everything I paid for.
  • There was a minimum order of 2 for some items (ex: pretzels, cheese crackers). Since we go through snacks quickly, I was ok with this, but just something to keep in mind.
  • Be careful of the prices… while some are great, I’m not sure I got awesome deals on everything… but, the convenience out-weighed the price difference 😉
  • The packaging on the website picture can be different than what you get in real life. My mandarin oranges had a star-k on the website and no hechsher when they came.

Going forward I may stick to ordering items I’m sure about, unless I’m willing to take the chance. The price was good on fruit cups, so I was willing to take the chance, but it was still frustrating.

I still have to buy my perishable groceries and they don’t ship heavy items (like soda and large cases of water bottles), but it’s been great for the smaller things I don’t like spending a lot of money on (think sandwich bags).

So, that’s what’s been working for me lately! I’ve been loving this service so much that I’m telling everyone about it. I feel like it’s relieved a lot of the pressure I feel when I don’t have an entire Sunday to devote to my weekly prep.

What’s been working for you this summer?

Until next time,