2018 Goals – Renewed Motivation

2018 is here! I love how everyone around me feels so motivated. It’s almost like we all get a new start in the middle of our Jewish year. I don’t usually set goals for myself, but I’ve been reading so many blog posts where everyone has set their goals for 2018 and it inspired me to jump on the bandwagon! It’s never too late to start setting goals for ourselves!

Today I’m sharing two of my goals with you. They are not earth-shattering. I am setting them as goals to motivate me to continue the things that make my life easier and healthier.

2018 Goals

1. Weekly Planning

I printed out my 2018 planner inserts and punched them for my notebook so they’re all ready to go.


I found that planning out my week each Sunday and making a paper checklist was the way to go. I felt much more accomplished when I made a check mark next to each item. It allowed me to track daily routines and plan a weekly menu.

I still use my Google calendar for events and reminders, but my planner has the daily details that I want to track.

I also love stationary items but don’t have much use for a lot of them, becaues my work is all on the computer. Having a planner gives me the creative outlet I need. I can design how I want my planner notebook to look and decorate it if I want to. Washi tape, stickers, stamps- there is an obsessed planner community out there. While I am not completely part of it, I sometimes wish I was 😉

2. Eating Healthier

In effort to eat healthier, I want to take advantage of freezer cooking. Take out food and pre-made frozen meals are just not as healthy as what I would make at home. On December 25th I had off from work and prepared 18 freezer meals.

I’m hoping that the portion-controlled, healthier options will prevent me from having noodles and cheese every night!

Stay tuned: a full-post on this will be coming!

Do you feel motivated to make changes in your life during this time of year? What are some of the goals you are working on?

Until next time,