Be a Happy Working Mom – 5 Simple Steps

I try to be a happy working mom, but let’s face it – I’m not always happy. Sometimes I am over-tired and stressed out. Sometimes I feel like I need a vacation from life. And sometimes I just want to stay in bed for the day.

When I recently came across a post that listed ways to be a happy mom, my perspective changed. I started to reflect on what truly causes stress, how I can alleviate it and eventually avoid it altogether.

While I wrote down 5 of the items on the list of how to be a happy mom, I did not write down where the original post was from, so I can’t give the original author credit. So, in full disclosure, this is not a list I came up with, but rather a list I loved and wanted to share with you.

Seeing this list made me realize that I already wrote about many of these topics, so instead of repeating what’s already been done, I’m sharing what’s already been written.

5 Ways to Be a Happy Working Mom

in no particular order

#1:  Learn Time Management Skills

#2:  Be Honest About Your Work

#3:  Let Go Of Perfection

#4:  Be Present with Your Kids

#5:  Take Time for Yourself

Each item on the list really made me think whether or not this was an area I needed to work harder on. I’m still in the process of improving and recognizing the good in my life.

While it may feel that always being happy is a far away dream, the reality is that Hashem has already given us the tools to get there. We just have to remember we have them and then put them into action!

Until next time,