A day in the life… school edition

You cannot create more time in your day. It must be true. Everyone says it!

We have 24 hours in which we have to eat, sleep, work, parent and play. We’re all basically doing the same thing, we just do it differently. I love reading how people spend their days, so I’m writing an updated version of my daily schedule.

My Daily Schedule When Kids are in School

7am – wake up, wash up and brush teeth

7:10am – wake up kids, get them dressed and ready to eat breakfast (they serve themselves)

7:30am – get dressed (uniform makes it fast, simple makeup routine when I can)

7:40am – pack my lunch which usually consists of putting a container of frozen soup into the microwave for 3.5 minutes and dumping it into my mini crock pot.

7:50am – in the car

8am – drop off kids at school

8:05am – park car by train, Daven, check email

8:15am – walk to train and wait and hope it’ll be on time

8:20am – train comes

8:55am – get on next train

9:05am – walk to work, settle in, get water and start working

12:15pm – reminder to walk goes off. I was good at first but now I usually ignore it and continue working so I can leave on time

5:05pm – get ready to go home (this is on a good day), leave work and walk to train

5:45pm – train leaves

6:30pm – arrive home sweet home. Usually I get a warm welcome from my kids, but then start on finding out what happened that day and make sure all their “jobs” (ie homework, packing lunches, showers) were done

6:50pm – eat dinner. I’m usually starving so I have leftovers or one of my freezer meals

7:15pm – play/read with kids

8-9pm – put kids to bed. This takes forever since everyone is cranky and yawning but no one is actually tired enough to stay in bed.

9pm – shower, run dishwasher, relax, blog

10:30pm – I try to be in bed!

And that my friends is a day in the life of this working mom!

It usually doesn’t run as smoothly as it sounds, but that’s life!

Until next time,