Purim is Here!

Happy Purim! I know it isn’t Purim until tomorrow, but since I’m taking the day off, I probably won’t have time to blog 😉

DH and I are both working on Ta’anis Esther, so tonight will be busy. My kids are still too young to go to Shul, so for now, DH and I go separately. DH will go straight from the train and I will go to a later reading. Our mishloach manos are fairly simple (and by that I mean 1 bag, two items, and a poem from last year) and were prepared on Saturday night.
Now for the fun part. I don’t usually dress up, but I’m considering wearing my sister’s Amish bonnet that she bought when she went to Lancaster. DS1 will be a fireman and DS2 will be a penguin! DH- not sure what he’ll be, but he does have a really cool hippy costume he usually wears. Luckily my kids are still young and dress up as whatever I tell them they will be. I know that will change, but for now it makes my life a whole lot easier not to have to shop around for a specific costume.

To get the kids prepared for Purim I taught them songs (made use of our travel time to and from daycare) and this past Sunday I printed out coloring book pages for them to color.

We do have many colorful crayons, but both kids like coloring with highlighters, that’s why the pictures are mostly pink and yellow. Anyway, I made sure to hang up their beautiful pictures for everyone to see. They are so proud of their creations!

I’m not much of a baker and even though I wanted to, we did not make hamantashen. I thought it would be a good activity for the kids, but just didn’t have the energy to do it with them. Instead we bought them on our Sunday trip to the supermarket. All the yumminess without any of the work. Just how I like it!

Purim is just one of those days that I’ve come to appreciate. It’s a happy day off I get to spend with family and friends.  Wishing everyone a very happy Purim!

Until next time,