Mitzvah Notes

Kids love being recognized. I think that’s one of the reasons my kids love when I write them mitzvah notes for school. It isn’t the act they did that gets them excited, but the fact that I recognized that they did something helpful and that their teachers and friends will know about it too. I think adults are the same way. We don’t get mitzvah notes, but we like when our boss/husband/parent/friend/child recognizes when we do something well. It’s human nature to want to be Read More +

Chicken and Rice – One Pot, Tried and True

As you read through my weekly Shabbos menus you’ll see that we have chicken and rice almost every other week.  It tastes great, is super easy to make, involves no clean up and my kids love it. While some people prefer fancy dishes with a lot of spice, some of us like the feeling that comes with good, simple food.  I make this dish so often that it’s become a comfort food of sorts in our home. This is the perfect dish for Shabbos lunch.  It Read More +

Freezer Cooking Printables – Planner, Prep List and Labels

Freezer cooking is one of those things that everyone can do.  You can do an entire cooking day, spend an hour on it or just double a recipe. Jill at The Shaatra Club is having a November challenge for filling your freezer and I was lucky enough to be included!  So far, I’ve cooked and frozen 3 batches of turkey and bean chili, meatballs and cabbage, and chicken soup.  My plan is to also have some vegetable soup and some broccoli kugels in the freezer Read More +

Construction, Remodeling and Dreaming

As I look around my house I always pretend like I’m in the process of fixing it up. I think about what colors I’d paint the walls, the new living room couches I just ordered and the huge extension we’re in the process of planning. I can’t wait for my new master suite! No more sharing a bathroom with 4 boys. By the way, we’re also redoing our existing bathroom. The pink tiles are just not working. And while we’re at it, the boys rooms Read More +

Shabbos Menu: P’ Vayeira (Nov 7-8)

First early Shabbos of the year!  I’m full of mixed emotions.  Nervous to have to sign off of work early and get everything done in time… and also excited to spend a nice Shabbos with my family. It’s been a while since we all had Friday night dinner together.  Usually my kids are soooooo starving that they have to eat dinner before kiddush.  Hey, I totally understand it, but I’m really looking forward to having a nice family dinner all together.  DH even bought the Read More +

One Hour Difference

It’s amazing how much difference an hour can make. Since this past Sunday (when we changed the clocks back one hour) my kids have been waking up an hour earlier than usual. 5:30am is quite different than 6:30am. Especially for those of us who are not morning people. The only benefit I see to waking up an hour earlier is that they’ve also been going to sleep an hour earlier. My kids have been so tired at night that they just melt into bed. Tired Read More +

12 Months to a Healthier You: November 2014

12 Months to a Healthier You is a monthly challenge I’ve decided to take on. By taking on small challenges every month I’m hoping to make lifelong changes in the way I live. I think I start off every one of these 12 Months to a Healthier You posts with some sort of surprise that a new month has begun.  I was going to start this post the same way.  Time passes by so quicky. Now that the chagim are over, I want to spend this Read More +