Shabbos Menu: P’ Noach (Oct 24-25)

We are finally back home after an entire month of yom tov!  We have a special Shabbos coming up.  DH’s family is joining us and it just happens to coincide with the Shabbos Project.  I really hope I remember to print out some of the materials from the website. Growing up frum, it’s easy to lose touch with why we do things.  They become rote and can lose their meaning.  Events like these have the ability to re-introduce the beauty of Shabbos to us.  I Read More +

tAPPing Into Tech: Multi Timer

Tapping into Tech is where I review my favorite apps and tell you why they are super awesome for working moms.   Multi-tasking is something all working moms have plenty of time to practice. I found that setting timers helps me make the best use of my time.  It reminds me to do the next step in a process, to take food out of the oven and to end my Facebook/internet surfing. The timer app that came with my phone only had one timer and Read More +

Mom-Guilt: The Yom Tov Vacation Edition

Mom-guilt shows up when I least expect it. It’s like that pesky cough that refuses to go away. And then comes back full-force on the day you’re scheduled to make a huge presentation to the CEO of your company. This past yom tov I had the biggest bout of mom guilt I’ve ever experienced. I never thought I’d have overwhelming guilty feelings about being a bad mom over vacation! Those feelings are usually reserved for times I’m working late or when I’m too tired because Read More +

3-Day Menu Planner- Free Printables!

With all the 3-day yom tovs coming up, I created these menu planners.  There are 2 different formats- one that prints on 2 pages and the other that prints on 3 pages.  It’s all about personal preference here! 3-Day Menu Plan (2 pages) 3-Day Menu Plan (3 pages) How do you menu plan for so many meals all in a row?

A Meaningful Yom Kippur

When I was in high school I hated that we always had to learn about every holiday.  I didn’t really understand the importance of it.  I was always in a frum environment, was super aware of upcoming holidays and the customs that came along with it. Fast forward a “few” years and here I am- the only way I’m reminded of holiday customs is from my kids projects. I really want Yom Kippur to be different this year.  I wanted to review a little about Read More +

12 Months to a Healthier You: October 2014

12 Months to a Healthier You is a monthly challenge I’ve decided to take on. By taking on small challenges every month I’m hoping to make lifelong changes in the way I live. Another month is here!  Just yesterday I was looking at the calendar thinking that at least I have one more day in September.  I was wrong.  I thought it was Monday.  You can imagine how surprised I was this morning when I saw it was October already! As a reminder, here are Read More +

Rosh Hashana is Coming!

Sunday Yup, I’m posting on a Sunday.  Not sure what possessed me.  Usually I wait until Monday, but with a busy (short) week ahead, Sunday it is! Computer Part of the reason why I haven’t been posting too much is because our computer is under repair.  DH says it should be up and running soon… Work Another reason for my lack of posting is because I recently switched departments at work.  My new position is awesome, but keeps me so busy!  By the time I Read More +