Succos 2016 Menu Planners (Evernote Template and Printable)


I love fall. And I especially love when the chagim are celebrated during this time of year. The hot weather is gone and it’s still nice enough to be outside. I’m taking off from work so I can be with my family and I have already started counting down the…

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Guilt-Free Mommy Time

guilt-free mommy time

Today I have a special guest-post to share with you from working mom Mirel Goldstein from  She’s here today to share with us how important it is for us moms to take care of ourselves in a guilt-free way.  Think of this as permission for guilt-free mommy time! Since I…

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Rosh Hashana 2016 Menu Planners (Evernote Template and Printable)

Can you believe that Rosh Hashana is almost here? Even though it’s starting late this year I still don’t feel ready.  So much to do, so little time! Every year we start off our evening Rosh Hashana meals by eating dishes made with simanim – foods we eat to symbolize our…

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