Shabbos in One Hour

A few weeks ago I prepared our entire Shabbos in less than one hour. As usual, our menu was super simple. I pulled some stuff out of the freezer and bought some. As soon as I got home from work I started my cooking. The kids stayed up a little later than usual and all the food was in the oven or on the stove by the time I put them to bed. This was our menu: Friday Night: Gefilte fish Turkey legs Zucchini in Read More +

Purim is Coming!

There is only one more Sunday before Purim, which means that we’ll be busy next week!  We haven’t planned our Shalach Manos yet and at this rate, I don’t think we’ll be doing a cute theme.  We’ll just have to settle with our last minute, throw snacks in a bag type of theme. I’m at the point now where I feel like all these holidays are creeping up on me. Like all of a sudden I got a note home from my kids school telling Read More +

Religious at Work: Keeping Kosher

Religious at Work is a series about my experience balancing a religious lifestyle with the demands of a full-time job in a secular environment. Keeping kosher was something I never really struggled with. I know what I can eat, where I can eat and when I can eat it. I’ve never really had a desire to eat something forbidden. It’s just not something I do and I’m completely ok with it. Even though keeping kosher is easy for me, the challenge for me is being Read More +

Homemade Hot Lunch at Work

This past Chanuka I bought myself a Crock-Pot® Lunch Crock® Food Warmer.  I was hoping this would encourage me to pack a healthier lunch from home. So far, this thing has been awesome!  I’ve been using it almost every day and haven’t gone out for lunch once since I bought it. So, are you wondering what I pack in this thing?  I’ve been taking pictures to share with you, because even I’m amazed by this little pot thing. I’ve decided to make my little pot Read More +

I Hate Snow Days

Snow days… Oh snow days… here are the things I hate about you: You throw off my entire schedule. You use up my vacation days.  Since I can’t work from home with all the kids home too, I’ve been working half days. You cause commuting delays the day after. And I don’t even want to start with delayed openings at school. Or early dismissals. You always happen in the beginning of the week, never the end when I could use the time to cook for Read More +

Shabbos Menu: P’ Yisro (Feb 6-7)

Where is the time going? I was preparing this post and realized I typed in February in the post title. It’s February already?!?! With all the snow days, early dismissals, and delayed openings it’s been hard keeping track of which day it is. Since it’s already the end of the week, I figured I’d share my Shabbos menu. Friday Night: Gefilte fish Meat and Cabbage (recipe from Binah… can’t wait to try it, since it looked super easy and super tasty) Potato kugel (store-bought) String Read More +

Religious at Work: Dressing Modestly

Religious at Work is a series about my experience balancing a religious lifestyle with the demands of a full-time job in a secular environment. One cold winter day, as I was getting into the elevator in the parking garage, the woman next to me couldn’t believe I was wearing a skirt. “Aren’t you cold?!” she asked. “I love wearing skirts, but could never wear one in the winter!” Honestly, before this comment, I had never thought about it. I never noticed that a skirt might Read More +