Jul 30

I Missed My Train (Multiple Times)

I hate commuting so much! I used to drive to work and was completely on my own schedule. Now, being a minute late can make all the difference. Even when I’m running on time I can be
Jul 24

A Very Jewish Summer: Pulled Pesto Chicken Burger

Wow, I can’t believe this is the last post for A Very Jewish Summer.  Being part of such an event has been amazing!  I really loved every minute of it and I want to thank all of
Jul 23

Freezer Cooking for the Grill

Welcome to everyone visiting from “A Very Jewish Summer!” Summertime is here and to me there’s nothing more exciting than spending the day in the backyard swimming, eating and having fun! As a working mom it’s hard
Jul 22

A Very Jewish Summer: Foam Succah Lanterns

Today A Very Jewish Summer continues with one of my favorite blogs, Creative Jewish Mom. Today’s post is a craft on foam succah lanterns. I have been following this blog for quite some time and while I
Jul 21

A Very Jewish Summer: Havdalah Candles and a Shabbat Picnic

Wow, I feel like A Very Jewish Summer started without me.  You see, my blogging is mostly done during the week, at night.  Almost never on the weekends.  Weekends are reserved for my family and I really
Jul 21

Smoky Mocha Cake

When I found out that this month’s Kosher Connection recipe theme was “smoky” the first thought that came to mind was, “Isn’t smoky spelled with an ‘e’?” So, thanks to Google and the Smoky Falls Vacation Rentals website
Jul 18

Shabbos Menu P’ Matos (July 18-19)

Wow, it ‘s been quite a while since I last posted my Shabbos menu!  We’ve been home, but haven’t had anything too exciting.  I just really haven’t had time to post my menu. Here’s what we’re having