Esther’s Yummy Chicken

My sister had this chicken at her friend Esther’s house and couldn’t stop talking about how good it was.


Jason’s Flavored Bread Crumbs
1 large onion
½ teaspoon garlic powder
½ cup boiling water
½ cup ketchup
¾ cup brown sugar

  1. Clean chicken
  2. Wet chicken with water and then cover in bread crumbs.
  3. Cook chicken for 35 minutes at 375°
  4. Sauté onion with garlic powder
  5. In a small saucepan mix together the water, ketchup, brown sugar and bring to a boil
  6. Add onions to saucepan and mix together.
  7. Pour mixture over chicken and continue to cook for another 25 minutes uncovered (or until ready).

Until next time,