Info on Crock Pot Recipes

a slow cooker Oval Crock Pot

When it comes to KosherOAMC, you want to take full advantage of EVERYTHING you can use for your cooking day.  That includes using your crock pot.  It’s an awesome appliance that can cook an entire meal without having to do much work.  Just set it and forget it!

At first, I tried to steer clear of crock pot recipes for my meal plans.  I figured that most people reserve them for Cholent, and would not want to use them for anything else if Friday is their cooking day.

So, in the case that a menu plan calls for a crock pot, I’ve come up with a few work-arounds for you:

  • Cook it in the oven!  The cooking time can be adjusted to cook in the oven for any crock pot recipe.  I tried it for lentils and it worked really well.  If choosing this method, be aware of how heavily your oven will be used and whether or not there will be space in your oven to accomodate this dish.
  • Make it the night before your cooking day.  You can set up all ingredients to cook in the crock pot overnight, so it will be ready to freeze in the morning- even before you begin your cooking day!

Hope these tips help you make your cooking day a success!

Until next time,