Avoid Freezer Burn

Freezer Burned Steak Frozen IMG_1025

There’s nothing more frustrating than reaching into your freezer for a meal only to discover that it now has freezer burn! When you freeze food the water molecules in your food form ice crystals. These water molecules try to escape to the coldest place in your freezer, which causes your food to dehydrate or develop freezer burn.

When utilizing your freezer, make sure to follow these three steps:

  1. Wrap your food well. If your food is wrapped well, the water molecules cannot escape. Use thick, good quality freezer bags and storage containers. Make sure all food is wrapped tightly and as much air as possible is squeezed out.
  2. Don’t store items in the freezer for too long. Eventually the water molecules will find their way out, no matter how well your food is wrapped.
  3. Make sure the temperature on your freezer is below 0º F. Don’t open your freezer for too long, allowing the temperature to rise above 0 degrees.

Food with freezer burn is safe to eat, but will probably have an ‘interesting’ texture and taste that you may not like, so try to avoid it at all costs!

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