Barely Guilty

Picture this:  Sunday morning.  7am.  Two year-old awake and ready to go.  Mommy, super tired and unable to move.  That was our house, so I did what any other good parent would do.  I turned on my computer and made him watch his favorite Uncle Moishy DVD so I could get an extra hour of sleep. 

This wasn’t my finest parenting moment, but I just didn’t know what else to do.  DH didn’t want to get up with him and DS2 was still sleeping, so I figured a DVD was my safest bet (especially since he decided to de-string a bracelet of mine while I was sleeping the morning before). 
I guess my parenting “philosophy” is that I have to just do what I need to survive.  In this case, DVD watching was a necessity and I barely even feel guilty about it.  Barely 😉

Until next time,