I Miss Sleeping Late!

Back in the good ‘ol days I used to sleep late on the weekends.  I loved waking up completely rested without the blaring sound of an alarm clock.

Long gone are those days.  DS1 has an internal alarm clock that goes off at about 6:20 every morning.  That is NOT when I want to wake up, weekend or not.  On the weekdays I don’t mind it as much, since I have to get up early anyway, but on the weekends, it is sooooo annoying.  DS1 will play by himself for a little bit, but there’s no telling what he’ll find.  I’ve found him taking all the tissues out of the tissue box, ripping up a book and his all-time favorite, playing on my laptop.

I know, I should keep all these things out of his reach, but it seems like he’s constantly growing.  Every week he can reach higher and higher.  Soon I’ll have to tape all my stuff to the ceiling.  And anyway, I think it’s worth it to sacrafice some tissues or a book (not my laptop) for a few extra minutes of sleep.  Luckily DS2 sleeps a little later and since he’s still in a crib, we don’t have the same mischeif issue.  I don’t know that I would have the same attitude if I had two little ones teaming up together.  I’m cringing at the thought.  I know that time will be here sooner than I think.

But back to my point.  I don’t sleep nearly as much as I used to and I have to say that I really miss my sleep.  Sad how my ultimate dream day would be to just sleep late without any kids waking me up.  Oh, how I wish DS1 would learn from this picture:

 “Guarding Mom’s Sleep” taken by Nikolai Zinoviev

A baby cub protectively watching over his mother as she lays sound asleep.  See how the cub is just sitting quietly while his mom sleeps?  Boy do I wish that could be me!

I really hope I’m not alone in this thought.  I love my kids and want to play with them, but not at 6:20am.  I wish they would realize that I’d be a better mom if I had more sleep.  I know I’m asking too much, so maybe when they’re teenagers we can all sleep in?

Until next time,