Preparing For Pesach

Even though we are fortunate enough to go away for the entire Pesach, I still have a ton to do to prepare! I know that I’d have to do a whole lot more if I were making Pesach myself, but with working full-time, I have to be really organized about getting things done. So, here are the things I’ll have to do:

  1. Clean out both cars.  They are covered in cheerios and other types of chometz crumbs, so this is a real must. Plus, we will be using our cars over Pesach, so it becomes a double must. We were debating whether or not we’d be using both cars, but if we don’t clean them out now, we’ll never do it, so both cars are on the list.
  2. Buy some kosher l’Pesach cereal/snacks. If we’re cleaning the cars on Sunday, that leaves too much time before Yom Tov not to have a back-up. Sometimes the boys like to eat on the way to school, so at least I wouldn’t have to clean the cars again.
  3. Buy sippy cups. DS1 is good with a small cup, but DS2, not so good. To avoid having to change two very wet boys, we’re investing in more sippy cups. This will be pretty cheap, since I plan on buying something like this. And maybe two that don’t leak.  While I’m at it, I think I’ll buy new pacifiers too… If we want to get any sleep, it’s probably worth the investment.  Plus I know I’ll regret it if I don’t.
  4. Pack.  This will take a while, since I feel like I’ll have to pack everything.  I’m not sure when I’ll start, but I guess the first step would be to tweak the packing list I used last year.  No need for all the nursing supplies anymore…
That’s my list for now.  Aside from the usual, how do you prepare for Pesach?

Until next time,